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15 Sep Different beteewn Curly Hair Types and Hair Curl Pattern
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Quick science lesson before we start! The condition of a hair follicle causes different curly hair types. A hair follicle is the small opening on the scalp that hair grows out of. The more oval the hair follicle, the more curly the hair becomes.Curly Hair Follicle ShapesWavy hair has a semi-oval hai..
06 Sep Filipino Body Wave And Filipino Loose Wave Hair:Which Is Better?
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The best hair when it comes to quality is Filipino hair, there are numerous types, such as for example Filipino body wave, Filipino straight hair, Filipino deep wave, Filipino frizzy hair. Many individuals are confused regarding the difference between them between Filipino body wave and loose wave. ..
02 Aug Secrets To Smooth Your Beautiful Shiny Hair
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Smooth hair is no longer the distinctive right of red-carpet gems, it’s easy to achieve aware of just a few simple steps. Scroll through my secrets to heavy, bouncy, shiny, beautiful man hair weave, now and forever!1) Eat and drink to feed your hairIt’s obvious that what we eat and beverage affects ..
02 Aug How To Identify your hair types?
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Let's begin by briefly reviewing the chemistry behind your curlicious curls. You are born with either naturally curly hair, or straight hair (or wavy). The amount of curl, wave, or lack thereof, is dependent on the number of disulfide bonds between hair proteins found in the hair shaft; the greater ..
13 Apr What's the difference between Lace Closure and Lace Frontal
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Curly hair is very important for a lady who also loves beauty,but I believe no one refuses beauty for ladies.When you sew in wigs,you feel confused about what is ribbons closure and what is ribbons frontal.In this content, you will definately get:What is lace closure, how many kinds of lace closure?..
02 Aug How to Wash Your Hair to Prevent Hair Washing Mistakes
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You probably believe that washing your hair is the most no-brainer activity in the world. Hop in the shower, suds up with shampoo, rinse, and you’re good to go… right? Well, it turns out that washing your curly hair isn’t so cut and dry, after all. In fact, there are a number of common hair-washing ..
26 Jul Difference Between Single Drawn Hair And Double Drawn Hair
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Those of you who have human hair weaves, do you have a single weft on each row or do you double the weft?When you order raw virgin hair or human hair extensions, you may meet these two words, single drawn and double drawn.It’s very important to know the difference.So , how to choose the right one we..
15 Sep Burmese Curly Hair:All You Need To Know
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With Burmese curly hair, you are simple to spot in a crowd. With Burmese curly hair, you don’t actually need rest or caffeine; you currently appearance alert and quirky. With Burmese curly hair, you’re rocking your natural hair and you’re beautiful for this. I am happy right here to write this weblo..
15 Sep How To Safely Take Out Sew In Weaves
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In this step of the Lace Closure Sew In Weaves Take Out Tutorial, I will teach you step by step how to remove your Sew In Weaves without hair damage!How To Safely REMOVE Sew In Weaves1 . COULD IT BE Time To HAVE A Sew In Out?First, ensure that your tracks will be ready to come out. Find If your brai..
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